457 Visa Abuse

457 visa abuse Australian visa font>Michael Easson, an adviser of the immigration government of Australia, stated that the claims of government ministers regarding the widespread 457 Visa  abuse or  Temporary Work Visa are not true.

Easson, the head of ministerial council for skilled migration informed the media that there was an “unhealthy rhetoric” about the subject. He was referring to the announcement of Mr. Brendan O’ Connor who stated last February that the Australian Government would break down the abuse on rorting.

O’ Connor stated that ten percent of 457 visas are being rorted . Currently, there are 105,000 holders of 457 visa in Australia. This could mean that more than ten thousand visas were obtained through rorting.

Four Year Validity Period

A 457 Visa permits employers to hire skilled workers in occupations that are included in the Consolidated Shortage Occupation List of the Australian Government. The Australian employer needs to apply to support or sponsor a foreign worker, and nominate a worker to obtain a visa. Overseas workers holding 457 visas are given the privilege to remain in Australia up to 4 years. They are also allowed to enter or leave Australia anytime they want.

They contended that employees have been provided with 457 visas in order to be employed in skilled positions such as office administrators but are actually hired in unskilled occupations like security guards.

The Labor Party of the Australian Government has made the same claims for this period. The opposition stated that the labor department is persuaded by the electoral politics instead of reforming the system for 457 visa. It further stated that the government is attempting to get union votes for the general election this coming September. Prime Minister Julia Gilard, stated in her privilege speech last March that she would consider “Aussie laborers first.”

2% of 457 Visa Holders

In a report released by the Australia Migration Council, it stated that only two percent of 457 visa owners are receiving less than the annual minimum salary of AUS$51,400 for holders of 457 visa.

The government of Australia stated that twenty- five percent of 457 visa owners refused to disclose their actual salary to the Migration Council. Seven percent of the group stated that their job conditions are worse as compared to their Australian colleagues. Five percent of the group disclosed that their Australian employers are not complying with the rules on 457 visa.

Easson stated that the report of migration council indicated that some problems are encountered with the system. He also informed the Australian newspapers that the present debate with the migration program is good because it captures the attention as to the most significant changes with regard to immigration policies since the period of war.